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Yeovil Ales

About Yeovil Ales ...

... in the words of Rob Sherwood, Managing Director

Yeovil Ales was founded as a family brewery in October 2005 when I left my employment as a Civil Engineer in the telecoms industry. I started the brewery with Dave Sherwood, my business partner and more importantly my father. Dave is Yeovil Ales Finance Director and although retired he continues to work tirelessly on business development projects and the pursuit of beautiful beer!

Rob Cleaning Barrels

I started out home brewing at a very tender age and developed recipes and brewing techniques that remain the corner stone of Yeovil Ales' contemporary late hopping style, to this day. When brewing very small batches of home brewed beer there is no need to consider the raw ingredients costs. I have only ever been interested in creating the best possible tasting brews. This principle of only using the best ingredients and a totally natural process holds true as a guiding principle of Yeovil Ales, and always will.

Brewing small batches of beer is nearly as time consuming as brewing on a larger scale and has all the same problems, especially hygiene. Yeovil Ales brews the cleanest freshest beer anywhere. We always minimise chemical cleaning and instead use very high pressure hot water and plenty of steam to sanitise our brewery.

Summerset (4.1%) was our first beer launched and won The Weymouth Oktoberfest in 2006, I went on to win the Gold Medal with Star Gazer (4.0%) at the SIBA South West Beer Competition in 2008. At that stage I recruited our present team who contributed their super human efforts toward consistent quality which culminated in the SIBA National Gold Award for Star Gazer in 2009. Since then we have been in the national finals 3 times in as many years. During 2010 we acquired the building next door and doubled our brewery capacity due to our year on year consistent growth.

We are working in a fun and dynamic industry and I feel very privileged to work with an elite team of technical brewers. The Yeovil Ales team share my passion for perfect real ale and are hugely dedicated to quality, service and developing innovative new brews.


Rob Sherwood's Signature
Ruby 4.5%Lynx Wildcat 4.3%Star Gazer 4.0%Stout Hearted 4.3%POSH IPA 5.4%Hopkandi 3.8%Kellerbier 4.3%Summerset 4.1%

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