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Goodbye Glory, hello Hopkandi!

Goodbye Glory, hello Hopkandi!

We are excited to introduce to you the newest addition to our core range, Hopkandi. Taking inspiration from our YOLO and Hop Series, Hopkandi (3.8%) has been developed and brewed to supersede our traditional Glory to give a modern twist to our permanent ale offering. Contemporary hops - a combination the British Godiva and American Comet - have been used in abundance to offer a truly unique flavour profile. Golden in colour, Hopkandi has a well-balanced fruity citrus flavour with a moreish finish. This golden session ale joins our core range of beers - all of which are available throughout the year.


Added: 9th October 2017

Star Gazer 4.0%Ruby 4.5%POSH IPA 5.4%Stout Hearted 4.3%Lynx Wildcat 4.3%Hopkandi 3.8%Summerset 4.1%Kellerbier 4.3%

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