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BIG NEWS! Our range of bottles is now available!

BIG NEWS! Our range of bottles is now available!

We are hugely excited to announce that our range of bottles are now available. Our passion for brewing combined with Rob’s engineering background has enabled us to build our very own state-of-the-art bottling line from scratch.

The entire bottling process is now completely in-house and allows us to have full control over the quality of the bottled beers and maintain the high-standards we are known for. The six beers in our current range of bottles are vegan friendly, and the low sediment content of the bottled varieties means they can be laid down in the fridge and served straight away.

Rob said: “We’ve created from scratch a four-head counter-pressure bottle filler. It’s all computer controlled using technology known as Raspberry Pi. The whole operation is a real blend of skill sets - I designed all the pneumatics and electrical switches circuits, and Dave wrote all the software. We wanted to create a bottling line that allows us to use gravity to clarify the beer, keeping all the flavour in but reducing the variability of yeasty bottle conditioned beers.”

“We care deeply about the quality of our beer, which is why we like to keep it all on-site. I’m a bit of a purist about beer and believe there should only be four ingredients - water, hops, malt and yeast. We have continually brewed high quality, ‘sessionable’ and well-balanced beers with a late-hopping style. This has provided us with a strong platform to continue developing new and interesting styles without digressing from our founding remit. As for the bottling line, precision is imperative for unfiltered and unfined beers, and the only way you can succeed at anything practical is to have the right tools for the job. If you don’t have those tools already, we say make them!”

The current range consists of: Star Gazer, Summerset, Stout Hearted, Lynx Wildcat, Ruby, Posh IPA, YPA and our new lager, Kellerbier. Pop over to our online shop for more!


Added: 24th August 2018

Star Gazer 4.0%Summerset 4.1%Ruby 4.5%Stout Hearted 4.3%Lynx Wildcat 4.3%Kellerbier 4.3%Hopkandi 3.8%POSH IPA 5.4%

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