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Yeovil Ales

Occasional & Seasonal Beers

Continuing our enthusiasm in producing new and interesting flavours, we are still devoting time to the ever-evolving YOLO and Hop experimental development ranges. The aim of experimentation is of course to produce exciting new results in terms of flavours and aromas in the finished beer. As a result of combining what we have learnt from hops used in both YOLO and Hop beers, we have been able to launch our core range, ultra-modern pale session beer, Hopkandi, which is proving extremely popular in the pubs we supply.
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Currently Available

Hopkandi 3.8%Fabarillo 4.2%Hop 246 4.2%Jester 4.2%YOLO#1 4.5%Kahuna 5.0%British Summer Time 4.5%Latte Stout 5.0%

Keep an eye out for ...

Crown Imperial 4.2%Harlequin 4.2%Hop 125 4.2%Hop 127 4.2%Hop 129 4.2%Hop 145 4.2%Hop 173 4.2%Hop 190 4.2%Hop 212 4.2%Hop 226 4.2%Hop 227 4.2%Mystic 4.2%Redshift 4.2%YOLO#10 4.2%YOLO#11 4.2%YOLO#12 4.2%YOLO#13 4.2%YOLO#14 4.2%YOLO#15 4.2%YOLO#16 4.2%YOLO#3 4.2%YOLO#5 4.2%YOLO#6 4.2%YOLO#8 4.2%YOLO#9 4.2%Lynx Wildcat 4.3%Stout Hearted 4.3%Night Train 6.0%Yeovil Pale Ale 7.3%Star of Bethlehem 4.0%Spring Forward 4.5%Yeo Ho Ho! 4.5%

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All of our beers can be bought direct from the brewery - in person or online - or from one of our stockists

The YOLO series launched in 2015 to celebrate our 10th anniversary and the aim was to push the boundaries using some modern hop varieties from the US, Australia, New Zealand and of course, Great British hops. The name YOLO was decided on to depict the You Only Live Once theme (as in they were supposed to be one offs!). However, most brews proved so popular that they have been re-brewed or even renamed, including Fabarillo (originally YOLO#4), Redshift (originally YOLO#7) and Crown Imperial (originally YOLO#2).

We love experimental UK based Hop varieties and develop new and exciting beers in order to support British hop farmers - we are proud to support the Charles Faram breeding program. Our Hop occasional brews have included Hop127, Hop145 and you may remember Hop129, awesome. Each brew uses a unique 100% British hop plant - they are truly one of a kind!

We also celebrate Spring, Summer and Christmas by brewing our seasonal brews; Spring Forward, BST and Yeo Ho Ho.

Star Gazer 4.0%Kellerbier 4.3%Summerset 4.1%POSH IPA 5.4%Ruby 4.5%

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Yeovil Ales Brewery
Bofors Park
Artillery Road
BA22 8YH

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